About a quarter of Jefferson County voters head to polls

JEFFERSON COUNTY – Jefferson County residents went to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 5, to vote in city council and school board races.

According to the unofficial results released that night from the Jefferson County Auditor’s Office, a total of 2,779 ballots were cast, indicating a turnout of about 27 percent of registered voters, which number 10,308 in the county.



The only contested race in the city of Fairfield was the one for mayor, a three-way race between Michael Halley, Connie Boyer and Ed Noyes. Halley and Boyer were the top two vote-getters, but since neither reached 50 percent, they will compete in a head-to-head runoff election on Dec. 3.

Fairfield voters also chose four city councilors, each to four-year terms. None of those races were contested. The results of the races: Katy Anderson re-elected to at-large seat with 1,501 votes (97.5 percent); Martha Rasmussen re-elected to Ward 1 seat with 430 votes (98.6 percent); Tom Twohill elected with 302 votes (99 percent). Twohill was already on the council, having been appointed to fill a vacancy after former councilor Daryl Hamilton became a Jefferson County Supervisor in 2018. Newcomer to the council Judy Ham was elected in Ward 3 with 160 votes (96.9 percent).


Tom Drish was elected mayor of Batavia with 68 votes (90 percent). Voters had to select three members of the city council, and the top three vote-getters were Matthew Eakins with 58 (29 percent), Alex Davis with 49 (25 percent) and Benton Cloke with 38 (19 percent). Also running were Larry Doud with 36 votes (18 percent) and Deal E. Keasling II with 16 (8 percent).


Rodney Nelson was elected mayor of Libertyville with 30 votes (88 percent). Voters chose three city councilors, and the winners were Rebecca Miller with 27 (26 percent), Kevin Snyder with 20 (19 percent) and Cody Guffey with 20 (19 percent). Also running were Phillip Bruce Moore with 18 (17 percent), Michael Dale Roush with 13 (13 percent), and Shawn Orte with four (4 percent).


Paul Corbin was elected Lockridge’s mayor with 29 votes (91 percent). The town chose two councilors, electing Judy Hoover Warning with 33 votes (51 percent) and James C. Gross with 22 (34 percent).

Maharishi Vedic City

Rogers Badgett was elected mayor of Maharishi Vedic City with 94 votes (98 percent). The town elected five councilors, selecting Robert Chris Johnson with 79 (19 percent), Leslee Goldstein with 76 (18 percent), Steven Boss with 75 (18 percent), Kara Anastasio with 74 (18 percent) and Stellavera Kilcher with 56 (13 percent). Also running was Tim Fitz-Randolph with 53 votes (13 percent).


Virgil Chandler was elected Packwood’s mayor with 35 votes (88 percent). The town elected three councilors, who were Rita Eastman with 39 votes (34 percent), Larry E. Johnson with 36 (32 percent) and Matthew Guise with 36 (32 percent).

Pleasant Plain

Richard L. Pohren was elected Pleasant Plain’s mayor with nine votes (100 percent). The town elected five councilors, who were Carl K. Chandler, Larry Hook, Donald Jacob Pohren and Paul Kessel all with 10 votes (20 percent), and Susan A. Rutledge with seven votes (14 percent).


(includes whole school district, not just Jefferson County)


Voters in the Cardinal Community School District chose three at-large representatives, and they are Mike Kayser with 333 votes (22 percent), Carol Lynn Streeby with 297 votes (20 percent) and Tom Drish with 293 votes (20 percent). Also running were Brian Keasling with 238 votes (16 percent), Trevor Brown with 232 votes (16 percent) and Crystal LeVerne with 88 (6 percent).

Cardinal’s public measure B passed with 295 votes (69 percent) in favor compared to 130 against.


Four at-large seats were open on the Fairfield school board, but only two names appeared on the ballot. Christi Karbacka Welsh, a current board member, received 1,687 votes (41 percent), while Timothy Bower received 1,549 votes (38 percent). Write-in submissions totaled 888 (22 percent). The top two write-in vote-getters were John McKerley with 278 and Margo Von Strohuber with 295. Jefferson County Elections Clerk Abbie DeKleine said provisional and absentee ballots are still being counted, and those numbers are likely to change.


Pekin school district had four separate races for the school board since it’s divided into districts, and only one of those races was contested. That was the race to be the District 4 director, which Heidi Baker won with 267 votes (57 percent) over Shawn Echelberry with 197 (42 percent).

Jennifer Coleman won the at-large district seat with 420 votes (99 percent). Mike Davis won the District 2 seat with 427 votes (99 percent). Mike Mefford won the District 1 seat with 462 votes (100 percent). Pekin’s public measure MK passed, with 324 votes in favor (68 percent) to 152 against.

Van Buren

In the only contested race for the Van Buren school board, Dan Smith defeated Rod Livesay for District 2 with 484 votes (60 percent) to 316 votes (39 percent). Richard Breckenridge won the at-large seat with 797 votes (99 percent). Erica Lydolph won the District 3 seat with 682 votes (95 percent). No names appeared on the ballot in the District 5 race. The Van Buren County Auditor’s Office said it is going through the write-in votes and will not announce a winner of that race until the election is canvassed next week.

Van Buren voters passed public measure UN by a vote of 515 (61 percent) in favor to 335 against.