Artist Scott Kirby to bring 1-man show 'Main Street Souvenirs' to Washington

Scott Kirby became a piano player at age 5, an artist at age 40 and on Saturday, Feb. 16, he will bring his two passions together to present his one-man show “Main Street Souvenirs” at the LET’s Center.

Kirby, who currently lives in Boulder, Co., has two jobs: painting and performing. He said he had no background in art but one day while he was drawing with his children, everything fell into place.

“It was completely accidental,” he said. “I turned 40 and all of a sudden images started coming at me.”

He developed those images, mostly of imaginary places, into art. He began playing the piano at age 5 and made a living as a pianist. After he started his art career, he decided to develop his one-man show to bring his passions together.

The show, “Main Street Souvenirs,” is what Kirby describes as a “movie concert.” The first part of the show focuses on the idea and his interpretations of Main Street. It will include a narrative, music, archival images, photography and videography all produced by him.

The second part will focus on the American Great Plains and also will feature photography, original music and artwork as well as a custom video featuring the sights and sounds of Washington. For each town he visits he creates a new, custom video tailored to feature the history.

He said it takes a lot of work, over 14 hours, but finds the outcome worth it all in the end.

Kirby will be playing piano at the Washington Public Library on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 12 p.m. and his performance of “Main Street Souvenirs” will be on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m. at the LET’s Center.