Bower moves back to Jefferson County, joins school board

Tim Bower
Tim Bower

Tim Bower was elected to the Fairfield Community School Board in 2019. The Union sent him a list of questions so he could introduce himself to the community. The questions will appear in bold.

Can you tell us about your background, such as where you grew up, where you went to school, and how long you’ve lived in Fairfield?

I was born in raised in southeast Jefferson County and attended Lockridge Elementary, Fairfield junior high school and graduated from Fairfield High School. I received my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and my Masters of Business Administration through the executive program at the University of Iowa. I have lived with my family in southeast Iowa after graduation from Iowa State and returned to Fairfield in May of 2018 moving from Muscatine where we resided for 20-plus years.

Can you tell us about your family, such as your parents, siblings, spouse and/or children?

My parents were Wayne and Audrey Bower from rural Fairfield and I have an older brother (Ben and his wife Judy) and a younger sister (Melissa). I am married to Karen from rural Biggsville, Illinois. We have three children, Megan who passed away in October of 2019 (Iowa State graduate), Brittany and her husband Nathan (both Iowa State graduates, Brittany is an educator in the Des Moines Public School) with our granddaughter and our son Aric (University of Iowa graduate).

What sort of activities are you involved in?

I have held senior leadership positions at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, HON, MASCO, John Deere and Siemens prior to holding the position of President of The Nelson Company here in Fairfield. I have held roles in product development, operations, quality, supply chain management and environmental, health and safety and lean integration.

Karen and I have been very involved with our Church in Muscatine holding leadership positions and Stephen Minsters and Stephen Leaders. When our children were in school, we supported all of their activities and Presidents of the Muskie Band Boosters for four years. I have supported the robotics program. I was also appointed to the Southeast Iowa STEM Advisory Board. I was recently appointed to the Iowa Board of Education Examiners

What motivated you to run for office?

While in Muscatine, I was elected to three four-year terms and resigned during my third term to relocate to Fairfield. In Muscatine, I ran to support the schools that did so much for our children and teachers that we admired. When we returned to Fairfield, I decided to run for a position to support the school district that has provided my family and myself so many opportunities around the world.

Since learning of your election in November, how have you been preparing for your new role?

Having held a position on the Muscatine School Board for nine years, this helped me to understand the process and policies of a school board member. Prior to the election and since being elected, I have been studying past board meeting minutes and discussing district and community concerns of the Fairfield Community School District. I attended the Iowa Association of School Board Annual Convention, which I was awarded the Better Boardsmanship award nine times for continuous learning. This allowed for training on current state and local concerns and objectives for the school systems.

What do you hope to accomplish during your term on the council/board?

I intend to support the school district to focus on the goals of the district with focus on student achievement and district facilities within the financial framework provided.