Ed Noyes runs for mayor of Fairfield

Photo courtesy of Ed Noyes

Fairfield attorney Ed Noyes has announced his run for mayor.
Photo courtesy of Ed Noyes Fairfield attorney Ed Noyes has announced his run for mayor.

FAIRFIELD — Fairfield attorney Ed Noyes has announced his run to be the next mayor of Fairfield.

Current Mayor Ed Malloy will not seek reelection after holding the position for 18 years. Noyes issued a statement explaining why he wants the city’s top job. He said his passion for service to the community all started with his parents.

“Less than a week before my mother passed last year, she insisted that she come to Fairfield, one last time, to bless my life here,” he said. “She could barely walk but she dutifully came to the home my wife and I have overlooking Walton Lake. She was also on oxygen, and as I watched her walk up the incline to get back to her car, I realized that she was literally giving her life for me, and always had.”

His mother told him that he should run for mayor. “Seriously,” she added.

“Over time, I learned to listen to what she said. At her funeral just over a week later, family and friends were innocently talking and someone said that they had never heard Mom speak badly of others. We all had to agree. The love in my heart comes from her,” Noyes said.

At the funeral of his father six months earlier, Noyes felt compelled to honor his dad with stories of his life.

“I spoke of how incredibly hard he worked, and how he accomplished what 10 men couldn’t have accomplished. He worked in a factory for over 30 years, and when he came home, he worked on our small farm until dark every night, and on weekends, without fail,” Noyes said. “He never missed work for any reason and made our homestead the pride of the area. He exemplified duty to family and dedication to the task at hand. The strength of my will and my commitment to serve comes from my father.”

Noyes said that, as a lawyer, he represented the downtrodden, learning about the troubles of the common man and woman.

“As your mayor, I will be committed to represent everyone in the community, and not just the powerful,” he said. “I firmly believe we can create something magnificent in our community. I know we have what it takes, if we come together and give our best to each other. Thank you for who you are and your dedication to the future we create, together.”