Fairfield considers reviewing consultant police policies, get public comments

FAIRFIELD – The Fairfield City Council discussed police policies at its meeting Monday, July 13.

The council voted to have its personnel committee look into hiring a consultant to review the policies and get comments from the public. Council member Michael Halley said residents have approached the council with an interest in reviewing how the policy prioritize certain calls over others.

“Some cities want their police to do more traffic enforcement, others want less,” he said. “Some cities want their police to be emergency responders instead of proactive enforcers. We’re looking into hiring a consultant to coordinate this effort because oftentimes someone from the outside is more objective.”

City Administrator Aaron Kooiker said recent feedback from residents has suggested the public wants to review police procedures on issues such as when the use of force is authorized and arrest procedures.

“Police Chief Dave Thomas has been more than willing to have sit-down talks about this,” Kooiker said.

The council also discussed that its cost for trash and recycling services is going up from $12.50 per person to $13. Kooiker said the council will eventually have to pass along this increase to Fairfield residents, though there’s no immediate plan to do so. He said the main reason for the cost increase has to do with the increased cost of recycling.

Kooiker said the city is looking at extra-territorial zoning, which would give the city a voice in developments that happen just outside city limits.