Fairfield postpones July 4 fireworks display

The city council has not announced a make up date yet.

FAIRFIELD — The Fairfield City Council voted Tuesday night to postpone the July 4 fireworks display.

The council did not announce a make up date because it must first confer with the Jefferson County Fair Board about what dates are available, since the fireworks show was to take place at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. City Administrator Aaron Kooiker said the council is tentatively hopeful the show can be rescheduled for Labor Day weekend.

The city spends $5,500 each year on its fireworks display. Of that, $3,500 comes from local-option sales tax and the rest comes from donations. However, Kooiker said the city has not had a chance to fundraise for the fireworks, and has not sent out its fundraising letters yet.

Kooiker also remarked that the state will give the city the projected revenue for LOST even though that revenue has likely diminished the last two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Kooiker said that after July 1, the city could see reduced revenue from the state.

“I guess there will be a decrease of some sort, and probably fall short of what we budgeted for,” he said.

In the event the city cannot conduct its fireworks display this year because of scheduling conflicts, Kooiker said the money would simply be saved and used to pay for next year’s show.

In other news, Fairfield City Hall is now open to foot traffic and has been since mid-May. The front counter is open for business but the bathrooms and drinking fountains are still off limits.

Council meetings are still closed to the public, however. Kooiker said some councilors are not comfortable returning to normal. There is no timetable yet on when they will be open to the public.