First 'Fairfield Forum' to feature discussion of 5G

A new event called a “Fairfield Forum” will host a discussion on 5G cellular communications technology from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18 at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center’s expo hall. The event is free and open to the public.

Fairfield Mayor Connie Boyer announced in a news release that the idea of a “Fairfield Forum” was something she ran on to “help unify our community by providing practical information about major issues affecting us.”

The forums are planned to be held about every two months. They will not be debates or rallies, but rather opportunities for education and to focus on finding solutions together. The first forum will be about 5G and its potential benefits and risks for the community.

“I have carefully selected excellent people from Fairfield to take turns as moderators for the public forums, including attorney Sarah Cochran, former Jefferson County Treasurer Terri Kness, Toastmaster award-winning speaker Ed Hipp, and MIU physics professor Dr. David Scharf,” Boyer said.

For the first forum, the public will hear from expert and PhD in mass communication from the University of Colorado, Tim Schoechle, and regional IT site leader from CNH Industrial (Case) in Burlington, Iowa, Troy Garrison.