Getting ready for the feasts

Grocery stores stocking shelves as normal this holiday season

Mike Ferguson stocks carrots at Freeman Foods in Wellman. (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)
Mike Ferguson stocks carrots at Freeman Foods in Wellman. (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)

WELLMAN — Though the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent some families from gathering for the holiday season, grocery stores are preparing as normal.

The week before Thanksgiving is a busy time for Freeman Foods in Wellman, especially the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Turkey, ham, gravy, pumpkin pie mixture and whipped cream are all products that customers will be buying.

Owner Clint Miller said the majority of stocking takes places a few weeks before the holiday.

Early on during the pandemic, grocery stores struggled to get items. Miller said for a month the supply chain was not functioning correctly and prices skyrocketed.

Right now he said there are few issues, and grocers are getting the products needed.

The Iowa Department of Health and local health agencies are asking people to be safe this holiday season and avoid large family gatherings.

“Thanksgiving still is going to happen,” Miller said.

He believes there will be some families that follow the guidance, but more people will choose to see family.

“They’re not going to scarified being worried about a virus to not have Thanksgiving,” he said.

Miller said it will be interesting to see if there is a difference in sales this year. During Easter in April, he said the store did not see a difference in sales.

“Concern was high, but we really didn’t see a difference in sales,” Miller said.

This year individual families may have their own meal instead of Grandma making dinner and having everyone over, he said.

While making sure items are stocked, Miller said they are trying to keep customers happy and safe.