Henry County supervisors to discuss 29-acre sale

MT. PLEASANT — The Henry County Board of Supervisors will consider selling 29 acres of county-owned farm land.

The board was approached at its Tuesday meeting by county resident Jim Burden who expressed interest in purchasing the land located by Lexington Avenue.

Burden said he owns an adjacent piece of land and said it “fit the needs” of what he was looking for. In years past, the county has leased the land for approximately $180 per acre for three years at a time.

To move forward with the potential sale, the board will need to publish a notice for a public hearing to allow residents to discuss the action before the board could continue with accepting bids for purchase. Supervisor Marc Lindeen said the earliest a public hearing could take place would be mid-October.

Following the board’s discussion with Burden, Lindeen asked whether the county wanted to consider selling the property.

Board member Gary See said the board “has yet to come up with thoughts or ideas for use” for the county which would make selling a reasonable choice.

County Auditor Shelly Barber added the county pays taxes on the land because the county “brings in income” from the land.

Lindeen added he would be contacting the state’s Department of Transportation because the county land could have access to state highways. The board member noted the city had previously expressed interest in the land as well and would be informed if the county moved forward with selling the land.

The board will continue discussions on the potential sale at their Thursday meeting.