Learning: Hybrid for four weeks

Masks: Required for all

The Highland Community School District will return to school on a hybrid model for the first four weeks.

The students will be broken up into two groups: A and B.

The students will attend school on an alternating basis. For example, students in A will attend on Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week, and group B will attend the other days. The next week it will switch.

When at school, the students will learn in a “traditional school setting.” When they are at home, the teachers will provide materials for learning and preview new content. Elementary school children will have access to pre-recorded video lessons.

The school initially broke the groups up alphabetically, and then took in other factors such as family cohorts, athletic teams, daycare situations and more. When the groups are finalized parents will be informed.

On Sept. 8, the school board along with administrators will evaluate a variety of criteria to decide whether to extend the hybrid model or move to 100 percent on-site learning.

Students will also be required to wear face coverings. The school will be providing face shields to every students, but they also have the option to wear a face mask.

The school defines masks as paper, disposable, cloth, gaiter, scarf, bandana or religious face covering. Masks that are mesh, have openings or holes and gaps in the material will not be allowed.

Because the school will be starting the year in a “yellow level,” there are certain enhanced safety precautions that will take place such as random temperature checks.

For students who may not be comfortable attending school, parents have the option to sign up for virtual schooling.

Students who are showing COVID-19 symptoms will be quarantined in a separate space and the school will contact the parents. If there is a positive case in the school, administrators may decide to close down the classrooms for extended cleaning if deemed necessary with guidance from the Washington County Public Health.

– Caitlin Yamada