July 7

Police log

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Total revenue for housing out of county contract inmates from July 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019: $603,190


A caller Sunday afternoon at Highway 22 in Riverside reported that a guest was asked to leave the property and was refusing. He was asked to leave for taking other guests’ credits from machines. He had been last seen walking up the hotel stairs. Two officers responded. Nicholas Alan Bloxham, 37, of Cedar Rapids, was arrested on a charge of trespass.

Hotel desk personnel reported two females physically fighting, early Monday morning at Highway 22 in Riverside. An officer responded. Jada Rose Anderson, 21, of Iowa City, was arrested on charges of assault causing bodily injury, and disorderly conduct.

Traffic accident

A caller Sunday morning at Highway 92 and Underwood Avenue in Ainsworth reported being involved in an accident, hitting another vehicle. There were no injuries. Both vehicles had pulled off the roadway. The caller requested an officer. An officer responded and additionally requested Ainsworth Fire to assist with glass on the roadway. Vehicle operators were John Zaiss, of Washington, and Stephen Stout, of Ainsworth. A state accident report was filed. Stout was cited for failure to obey stop sign and yield right of way.

Disabled vehicles

An occupied disabled vehicle was reported, Sunday night at 130th Street and Highway 218 in Riverside. There was no problem. They were on their way.

A caller traveling on Highway 218 reported a vehicle on the southbound side, and no one was around, early Monday morning at Highway 218 and 265th Street in Ainsworth. The vehicle was described as a white sedan and was on the shoulder with the lights on, approximately 1 mile south of the Highway 92 exit. An officer responded. A subject had called Triple A for a tow to be done about 7 hours, later, approximately 8 a.m. The officer contacted Moore’s, who responded for a private tow.

An officer reported being with a disabled vehicle, early Monday morning at Highway 1 in Washington. The driver was tired and pulled over to nap. The driver was going to continue on to Washington and pull into Hy-Vee parking lot to get more rest.

A caller early Monday morning at Highway 218 and 240th Street in Ainsworth reported that he was northbound on Highway 218 pulling a car trailer, and had blown three tires on the trailer. He was off the travel portion of the roadway but only had two spare tires. An officer responded. Earl’s was contacted.

Fire calls

A caller Sunday night at West Monroe Street in Washington reported that two male juveniles were putting flammable liquid on a T-shirt and lighting it up, then throwing it around. The caller requested an officer. An officer spoke with the juvenile and his mother, who took away the lighter and lighter fluid.

Animal complaint

A caller Sunday morning at Poplar Boulevard in Kalona reported two pups, possibly hunting dogs, hanging around the previous night and Sunday morning by the bridge/campsite. An officer responded and couldn’t get close to them. He planned to check back and speak with neighbors there.

A caller Sunday night at 119th Lane in Kalona reported that a dog came into their yard and was aggressive toward their dog and their granddaughter. An officer responded. The dog owner was going to put the dog in a kennel.

A caller Sunday night at West Washington Street in Brighton reported a loose white pitbull with a red harness. An officer responded. No one was at the residence. The officer secured the dog on a chain in the yard. A citation was issued to Amanda Pierce, of Brighton, for allowing a dog at large.


A caller Sunday night at East Madison Street in Washington reported that their father assaulted their mother. They were still arguing inside the house. Four officers responded. The altercation was verbal only, and there were no visible injuries to either party.

Disorderly conduct

A caller Sunday night at Seventh Avenue in Wellman reported a dispute between neighbors. An officer responded. The neighbor was able to get the subject into his residence. No further problems were anticipated.

DP & Q

A caller early Monday morning at East Madison Street in Washington reported that subjects in the area were being loud, and requested that an officer speak to them about the noise. An officer responded and spoke with people there, who advised that they would go inside and keep it down.

Hang-up 911 calls

A 911 call with subject yelling was reported, early Monday morning at East Madison Street in Washington. No one spoke before hanging up. A second call came in a few minutes later. A male caller requested officers due to issues with housemates, nothing physical. Three officers responded. There was a verbal altercation between the male caller and youngsters at the residence. The problem was resolved.

Runaways/missing person

A caller Sunday night at East Madison Street in Washington reported that a toddler ran out in front of her vehicle on the south side of the middle school. There were no adults around, and the caller requested an officer. A report will be filed. The mother was located and the child was returned.

Stolen property

An officer reported being out with subjects who were in possession of a stolen gun from Washington County. Documentation was made. An officer planned to contact them on Monday.

Suspicious activity

Numerous callers reported two subjects acting strange and asking for help and trying to flag down cars, Sunday morning at Highway 92 in West Chester. There was a blue vehicle parked nearby. An Iowa State Patrol officer, a Conservation officer, two ambulances and West Chester QRS all responded. One ambulance disregarded the other, and transported two patients to Washington County Hospital, arriving there at 8:20 a.m.

A caller Sunday night at South Marion Avenue in Washington reported a male subject sitting on the curb in front of the church. He had a bank bag out and jewelry spread out on the sidewalk. He was wearing a green shirt, jeans and a bandana. An officer spoke with the caller and the subject. There was no problem.


A caller Sunday morning at East Jefferson Street in Washington thought someone tampered with her chain link fence and her dog got out. An officer responded and spoke with the caller.