June 22

Police log

Jail count

19 – Washington County Male Inmates

4 -- Washington County Female Inmates

45 – Out of County Contract Inmates

68 – TOTAL

Total revenue for housing out of county contract inmates from July 1, 2018, to May 31, 2019: $603,190


A caller Saturday night at Park Street in Ainsworth reported an intruder in his house. Two officers responded. Ricardo Jiminez Palomar, 53, of Ainsworth, was arrested on a charge of public intoxication.

An officer reported being on a vehicle stop, early Sunday morning at 110th Street and Violet Avenue in Brighton. Richard Dean Jones, 65, of Richland, was arrested on a charge of driving while license revoked, first offense.

Traffic other

A caller Saturday afternoon at 145th Street in Wellman reported multiple subjects on dirt bikes, scaring her cattle. An officer responded and gave three subjects a verbal warning for improper use of county roads.

Disabled vehicles

An officer reported being out with a broken-down vehicle, Saturday afternoon at Ginkgo Avenue and Highway 92 in West Chester. The vehicle was added to the system.

A caller Saturday night reported that a white Suburban was partially on the roadway between the 1200 and the 1400 block of 190th Street in Keota. The vehicle did not have a tire on the front driver side. Two officers responded and attempted to locate the registered owner. Earl’s Towing towed the vehicle. To Earl’s.

A deputy reported being out with a disabled vehicle, Saturday night at Highway 1 in Washington. An officer spoke with the registered owner, who advised he had a friend coming to help him.

A deputy reported being out with a disabled vehicle, Saturday night at 295th Street and Highway 218 in Crawfordsville. Moore’s responded and towed the vehicle to Moore’s BP. The owner must pay the tow bill and show proof of ownership to pick it up. The vehicle was entered into the system as towed.

An officer reported being out with a disabled vehicle, early Sunday morning at Highway 218 and 130th Street in Riverside. The vehicle was added to the system and tagged. An additional officer responded about five hours later, at 6:03 a.m., and requested a tow for the vehicle, since it was too close to the roadway. Earl’s responded and towed the vehicle.

An officer reported being out with a vehicle with the flashers on, early Sunday morning at Highway 218 and 160th Street in Riverside. The subjects were just pulled over for a moment. They went on their way.

An officer reported being out with a disabled vehicle, Sunday morning at Highway 218 and 220th Street in Ainsworth. They ran out of gas and were going to call for a ride later in the morning.

An officer reported being out with a vehicle on which someone was changing a tire, Sunday morning at Vine Avenue in Riverside. The subject was able to change their tire. They reported hitting something in the roadway on Vine Avenue near the English River.

Fire calls

A caller Saturday morning at River Crossing Court in Riverside reported a fire alarm in a storage room. Fire units were disregarded. There was no actual fire, just an alarm from concrete work being done.

A caller Saturday night at North Avenue C in Washington reported their house was on fire. Everyone was out of the residence. Two officers, Washington Fire, Ainsworth Fire, and an ambulance responded. An additional ambulance was also en route and was disregarded by the first ambulance. There was no medical transport. The fire departments extinguished the fire, which was mostly contained to the garage.

Animal complaint

Washington County Hospital reported a dog owner in the emergency room because of a dog bite, Friday afternoon. The dog had an injury, and the owner was trying to help the dog, who was up-to-date on shots. The incident happened in West Chester. An officer was advised and planned to make contact with the owner.

A caller Friday night at Fifth Street and B Avenue in Kalona reported a truck with dogs in it. An officer responded and located the truck. There was no problem.


A caller early Sunday morning at Fifth Street in Kalona reported that a neighboring apartment had fighting going on. She could hear two subjects and could tell that at least one of them was a male. A second caller reported that a neighbor kicked his dog and assaulted him when they were both outside. Three officers responded. The altercation was between two neighbors. They had been separated and calmed down for the night.

Family offense nonviolent

A caller Saturday night at South 12th Avenue in Washington reported having a problem with their 16-year-old daughter. An officer responded. All parties calmed down for the night.

Runaways/missing person

A caller Saturday night at Parkside Estates Road in Washington reported that his son sneaked out his bedroom window a few minutes earlier. The caller called back, reporting that his son showed up at his place of work and was going to stay with him until 5 a.m. Sunday. City units were at another call at the time of the report. An officer was later advised for documentation purposes.

Suspicious activity

A caller Saturday night at South Van Buren Street in Brighton reported that there was a male subject at his door. The caller believed the subject was looking for his mother. An Iowa State Patrol officer responded and was unable to locate the subject. The reporting party was advised to call back if the subject showed up again.


A caller Saturday morning at North Sixth Avenue in Washington reported that sometime the previous night it appeared that someone left the Wagon Wheel parking lot and missed the road, hitting her swing and her tree. An officer reviewed video at the business. The incident was documented.

All other offenses

A caller Saturday morning at East Jefferson Street in Washington reported that he found a black pocketbook on the freezer inside his back porch. An officer returned the item to the owner.