Ministry seeks grain offerings

WAYLAND — A Christian ministry in Wayland is encouraging local farmers to share some of their crop with the less fortunate this harvest season.

On His Path, a not-for-profit charitable organization, has set up donor sites at three local elevators for farmers who would be willing to donate a few bushels of their grain to the ministry.

The donor sites include Agri-Way Partners, Eichelberger Farms and Prairie AG Commodities.

“The grain offering is designed to be a simple way for farmers to donate a portion of the harvest to those in need,” said Matt Prihoda, MD.

Prihoda, who is helping to coordinate the effort, said farmers can choose to donate their grain to one of the charitable categories served by On His Path, or simply designate the donation to be placed in the general fund. The grain elevators have agreed to send a check for the donations directly to the ministry for the convenience of the donors. The contributors will receive a receipt for tax purposes in the mail.

The categories of service include clubfoot treatment, medical supply and equipment donations, clean water programs, education funding, humanitarian assistance, nutrition programs, ministry programs, housing support for homeless, widows and orphans and micro enterprises.

Prihoda has a family medicine practice in Washington and also works as a consultant for MD Orthopaedics, an organization which specializes in making clubfoot braces.

The On His Path ministry was founded as a not-for-profit charity by John and Jean Mitchell, following the success of their business, MD Orthopaedics. MD Orthopaedics is located at 604 North Parkway Street in Wayland.

The Mitchells started their business in 2004 for the design and manufacture of a clubfoot brace along with medical teaching models to teach, train, and implement the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment.

The Mitchells started the company in their garage after Dr. Ignacio Ponseti encouraged them to make a more conforming, comfortable brace for the babies that he saw on a daily basis.

They created On His Path ministry in 2009 to help children in developing countries who could benefit from the Ponseti method of clubfoot correction.

Their success with On His Path ministry has led them to fund clinics in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Haiti that teach the Ponseti method of clubfoot correction. The latest initiative has been partnering with CURE International in opening a clubfoot clinic in the Andhra Pradesh region of India.

Along with the clubfoot initiatives, On His Path has expanded its mission and now provides assistance in helping the poor with housing, clean water, nutrition, medical, and education needs.

Prihoda said he has visited the clinics as a medical consultant and worked with them to provide additional resources for their work.

“We got the program started last year, but it was so close to harvest that a lot of farmers weren’t aware of the opportunity to donate. We are starting earlier this year to get the word out that we are accepting donations of grain,” Prihoda said.