Mt. Pleasant Beautiful

Much of interior of this week's house looks much as it did when it was built


With the cooperation of the Southeast Iowa Union, the Mt. Pleasant Historic Preservation Commission will be publishing weekly peeks at some of the featured homes in the 1909 book, “Mt. Pleasant Beautiful.” In the series, the 1909 picture will be contrasted with one of recent vintage. The commission has been collecting information for the eventual issuance of a new book updating the information on the still standing homes from the 1909 publication.

You can test your knowledge of historic Mt. Pleasant with this column. The identity of the featured home will be published the week following the initial publication.

The featured home on Sept. 17: Northrup House, 701 North Broadway.

This week’s featured home was built about 1869 by Lewis and Alice Sutton. It sits on land originally purchased by Mt. Pleasant’s founder, Presley Saunders.

In 1909, it was owned by John Baker and his sisters Catherine and Margaret. In the 1940s the house was owned by an elderly widow, Dora Hobbs, and it eventually became the subject of legal action with the Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Kansas City, which it is claimed, obtained it by fraud. The matter was not completely settled until 1953 when it was purchased by William Hatch.

For the next 30 years it was owned by several families but in 1986 was purchased by the current occupants who have lived there longer than any prior owners. The house retains much of its original interior, having never been extensively remodeled.