New Washington ambulance service director shares vision for department

New Director of Ambulance Services Jeremy Peck outlined his vision for the structure of the new department to the Washington County Board of Supervisors at the supervisors’ regular meeting when it met Tuesday, April 7.

At the top of the organizational chart is the Director who is paid $85,000 a year. He is responsible for the day-today operations and administration of the department.

Two individuals report directly to the Director… a full-time Administrative Assistant will be paid from $29 to $33 an hour and will perform administrative and secretarial duties. This person shall process and produce required documents and reports and assist in daily operations. He or she will also be in direct communication with Field Supervisors.

The other staff member reporting directly to the Director is the Billing Decoder. This person, who will earn between $18 and $20 an hour, will make routine bookkeeping entries and complete business forms. He or she will collect data, keep records and prepare reports.

A Part-time Office Assistant would report to the Billing Coder. This person would work in the office 16 hours a week when the Billing Coder is on the ambulance truck at a rate of $18 to $20 an hour.

A Field Supervisor would report directly to the Administrative Assistant. This person would assign personnel shifts and assist in hiring staff, arranging ambulance transfers, requesting additional resources and representing Washington County at an hourly rate of $26 to $28 an hour.

A Paramedic, an EMT and an Advanced EMT will work under the direction of the Field Supervisor in accordance with ambulance service protocols at a rate of pay of $21 to $23 for the Paramedic and $18 to $22.50 per hour for the EMT and Advanced EMT.

Other Business

*Acknowledged the personnel change request in the Conservation Department for seasonal employee summer aide Skyler Juhl;

*Acknowledged the personnel change request, increasing the rate of pay by 51 cents in the Conservation Department for Conservation Naturalist Megan Jorgensen and

*Discussed a Covid 19 update.