ON THE BALLOT: Henry County Supervisors

Chad White

Chad A. White

1855 200th St., Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641


Married 30 years, Wife: Liz, two adult children: Zach White (Nicole) (grandson Jack) and Spencer

Law Enforcement Investigator with Iowa Department of Transportation, Bureau of Investigation

No past political experience

Why are you running for office?

I have always believed in being involved in the community you live in. I have lived in, worked for, shopped in, schooled my children, attended church, served as a firefighter, served as a deputy sheriff and state of Iowa peace officer and investigator in Henry County, Iowa. I call Henry County home and want to see the area thrive. Life’s timing now allows me to further serve Henry County as your county supervisor.

What are your priorities if elected?

Further my understanding of county government in order to maintain the highest level of service(s) and opportunities for Henry County residents at the lowest possible costs (taxes) while working with in the established laws and legal parameters.

What do you feel is the most pressing issue facing the county? How do you plan to address it if you are elected?

The situation with the “paused” emergency medical services discussion between HCHC and Henry County.

Without question a professional emergency medical ambulance service is needed for our community. It is presently being provided by HCHC. Substantial financial shortfalls have been aired by H.C.H.C. Are these concerns still present or has HCHC/Great River discovered other funding sources or have alternate plans. HCHC “paused” further discussion without explanation. I would like to know if this matter will be brought forward to the Henry County Supervisors again for funding consideration. These discussions and solutions are time consuming and should not be hurried.

If you could improve one thing about how the Henry County Board of Supervisors operates, what would you change?

I would explore the need and feasibility to have the Board of Supervisors meetings video and audio taped to allow public review without requiring personal presence and made available on the county website in similar fashion as the agenda and minutes are presently available. This would ensure all public meetings and information would be readily available.

Do you think the county has done well in managing taxpayer money, and if not, how would you have spent it differently?

I feel that the Henry County supervisors generally have the best interests of Henry County residents in mind. I personally will want to learn more about the different organizations, committees and groups etc … that Henry County is either voluntarily or mandated to be part of or financially contribute to and what degree of oversight is required. Knowing the inner workings of these recipients will allow me to ensure the best use of tax money and that waste can be minimalized.