Reichman to move forward in general election for State Senate District 42 seat

Jeff Reichman will be moving forward to the general election as the Republican Party nominee for the Iowa State Senate Seat in District 42. He ran against fellow party member Nancy Amos to snag the nomination.

Reichman won with a substantial lead, claiming 73.1% of the votes.

“It was a long night and there were some anxious moments,” Reichman said.

The nominee ran on a platform focused on economic development versus Amos’ mental-health centered platform.

“We’d like to congratulate Nancy on a good race. She had some great ideas and it was good working with her and now the real work begins,” he said.

Moving forward, Reichman will face off incumbent Rich Taylor, who ran in the democratic primary for the seat uncontested. Though Reichman anticipates the race to be challenging, he is also “very excited.”

“I’m even more excited about that one because with Nancy with the primary, we had two candidates that had very similar policies and very similar ideas and now we’re facing somebody who is on the Democrat side that is vastly different,” he said.

Reichman plans to continue to run on a economic-based platform.

“That’s the message that speaks to southeast Iowa. We have a number of people who are unemployed and underemployed, with a shrinking and stagnant tax base. Increasing the tax base and quality of life is the cornerstone of everything else,” he said.