State offers further guidance on latest set of COVID restrictions

The Iowa Governor’s office answered questions regarding the latest round of COVID-19 restriction.

Washington Public Health Director Danielle Pettit-Majewski compiled the answers regarding businesses and schools. The answers came from Liz Matney, health policy adviser for Gov. Kim Reynolds.

• Youth sporting and recreational gatherings: Would this include individual lessons and coaching sessions for things like dance, wrestling and gymnastics? Individual lessons and individual coaching sessions are not included.

• Does this include both practices and performances/matches/games? Yes, it includes any group sport or recreational activities that involve close contact for youth.

• Gymnastics clubs are classifying themselves as gyms to get out of the youth sporting and recreational event suspension — thoughts on this? If the dance, gymnastics or martial arts activities are conducted in such a manner that 6 feet of social distancing is maintained at all times from the other participants, then they are considered individual sporting and recreational activities and may still occur. No group activities that involve close contact within 6 feet are permitted, or else it would become a group sporting or recreational gathering. Competitions involving these activities would also be group gatherings that are prohibited.

• Are parades considered outdoor gatherings and restricted to limit of 30 if outdoor? Yes, parades would be considered an outdoor gathering.

• Are drive-through Christmas displays allowable if attendance exceeds 30 people? So long as all individuals remain in cars and are driving through with windows up, this is allowed.

• Does the outdoor rule apply to live Nativity displays? If it is sponsored by a religious or spiritual organization, it would not apply.

• Is cheerleading allowed to continue at high school games? If so, are they allowed 2 spectators? Yes.

• Are schools still allowed to do field trips? This proclamation has not changed anything related to school field trips.

• If a school has a community weight room, does this fall under fitness center guidelines? Yes, but must not have group activities and will have to ensure social distance requirements are applied.

• Can fine arts continue in high schools? Yes, high school performances may continue but must follow proclamation restrictions on number of spectators, masking and social distancing.

• Is mixed martial arts considered a professional sporting event? If this event is sponsored by a professional organization, it is not currently prohibited under the proclamation.

• Can Santa visits continue? This not prohibited by the proclamation.

• What direction is being given to law enforcement agencies? As described in Section 9 and Section 10, associated state and local entities are asked to assist with enforcement. If there are specific questions about enforcement, please send those for review and clarification.

• How do sporting restrictions apply to hockey teams that are not high school, not professional, but prepare high school age children for professional careers? For the purpose of this proclamation, these teams should be treated as a professional organization and future events are not prohibited. It is, of course, strongly encouraged to have mitigation protocols to reduce transmission of the virus.

• Do the indoor and outdoor gathering restrictions apply to auctions? Yes, if they are a special event and not part of the ordinary course of business or government (e.g. livestock or farm auctions).