Supervisors approve new hire to county attorney's office

Discussion on possible reclassification of portion of 285th Street tabled

Shane McChurch will be staying on in the Washington County Attorney’s office upon successful completion of the bar exam. The intern will soon become the second Assistant County Attorney for Washington County.

“I am very excited to keep him on, very smart guy,” said Washington County Attorney John Gish. “In fact I’ve had defense attorneys come up to me and compliment how good he is despite just being a law student at the time.”

McChurch has been interning with the Washington County Attourney’s office for the past year and graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law in May. He will take the bar exam at the end of July and begin his first day of work Aug. 5.

In other news, Supervisors tabled a request to upgrade a portion of a road from Class B to class A.

John Greiner approached the board and explained he would like to see the quarter-mile stretch of 285th Street be upgraded. Greiner has plans to build a house at the end of the road and would like to have it upgraded for the purpose of allowing for school buses to reach the house and for the county to plow snow in the winter.

Greiner said he would assume all cost associated with upgrading the road and was asking for the board’s support for the upgrade.

“This is a project that I fully hoped I could work with the board on,” he said. “I’m not asking the county for any money other than reclassification to an A. My No. 1 goal with this is so I can raise my children on a farm and have a school bus and mail service.”

He said the farm currently has no road front and this upgrade would allow for that. After discussion, the supervisors decided to table the conversation until County Engineer Jacob Thorius, who is currently on vacation, is available for consult.

Until then, Greiner was instructed to put together a petition from neighbors, as outlined as a requirement in the county ordinance, to present at a later time.