Supervisors vote fails to create ordinance for ATV/UTV use on secondary roads

MT. PLEASANT — A vote to create an ordinance to allow the use of any ATV/UTV to be operated on secondary roads in Henry County failed Thursday.

At their meeting on Thursday, Sept. 5, supervisor Marc Lindeen said he attended a presentation at ISAC (Iowa State Association of Counties) where a sheriff, ex-highway patrol officer from Colorado and a doctor from the University of Iowa spoke against the use of the vehicles.

“It was a very interesting and enlightening presentation,” he said, adding that it helped solidify his decision not to vote to create an ordinance.

At a supervisors meeting in April, 50 people attended a public hearing when the possible ordinance was first being discussed. Three of the attendees were against the creation of the ordinance.

Currently, Henry County abides by the Iowa Code, which does not allow ATV or UTV use on secondary roads. Counties, however, can create their own ordinance allowing ATV and UTV use. Farmers are able to use ATVs or UTVs on their property for work purposes with a valid driver’s license. This will continue to be the norm in Henry County.

In other news, several departmental heads attended the meeting to give their monthly reports. Among them where Henry County Treasurer Ana Lair, who said the new blackout license plates are available for consumers.

“I think what we’re seeing is they’re going out pretty quickly. People are really interested in having the blackouts plates, so if anyone wants the numbered blackout plate we do have them in the office, they have to bring in the plates they have on their vehicle and their registration and they will pay $35 for the privilege of having these plates,” she said.

Lair added that personalized plates can be purchased online and the additional fee will go into the road use tax fund. She said the state only gave a limited number of plates to each county and does foresee Henry County running out in the near future. Those interested in new plates are encouraged to act quickly.

Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber then spoke and said the upcoming city school elections will be Nov. 5, instead of in September.

“Everyone will be voting at your general voting place for school elections from now on, no matter whether (or not) you are in a school district that is not in Henry County,” she said, saying those who live in Mt. Pleasant but work in Fairfield, Ft. Madison, Danville or Harmony will no longer have to go into those counties to vote and will do so at their regular polling place. Voters will either receive a city and school ballot or just a school ballot. Absentee voting will still be available.