Two-vehicle collision in Mt. Pleasant causes thousands in damages, no injuries

MT. PLEASANT – A two-vehicle collision on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in Mt. Pleasant resulted in thousands of dollars in damages, but no injuries to people in either vehicle.

At 7:33 a.m., the Mt. Pleasant Police Department responded to a call at the intersection of South Jackson Street and West Green Street. Police determined that a white 2015 Dodge Ram truck owned by Josh Dilks of Ft. Madison was stopped at the stop sign facing east at the intersection. A white 2010 Ford Ranger truck owned by Dorothy Welcher of Mt. Pleasant was driving north on Jackson Street and had the right of way.

The driver of the Dodge Ram truck had the morning sun in his eyes, and started to pull into the intersection, failing to see Welcher’s north-bound truck. Dilks tried to make it through the intersection but was broad-sided by Welcher’s truck.

Damage to Dilks’s truck was estimated at $3,000, and damage to Welcher’s truck estimated at $2,000. Police determined that Dilks was at fault. The report does not list any citations.