Unopposed incumbents reflect on their past term, future

District 1 county Supervisor Jack Seward, Jr. is running unopposed in the general election. (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)
District 1 county Supervisor Jack Seward, Jr. is running unopposed in the general election. (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)

WASHINGTON — Washington County elected officials reflected on the last four years and offered a view forward to the future.

There are four unopposed candidates on Washington County ballots — sheriff, auditor, District 1 supervisor and District 2 supervisor.

During the forum Tuesday, the candidates introduced themselves and spoke about their accomplishments.

Bob Yoder has been the District 2 supervisor for almost eight years. He said he likes being supervisor because it is a wonderful county and he has seen a lot of progress in his time on the Board of Supervisors.

A few projects he pointed out included the rebuilding the 9-1-1 communications system and the county taking over the ambulance system.

Jack Seward Jr. is the District 1 supervisor. Seward also felt the updated 911 system and county-owned ambulance system were successes made by the Board of Supervisors.

Seward said elected representatives act in the best interest of everyone within their jurisdiction.

Seward said there may be small difference between Democrats and Republicans at the local level but is much larger at a national level. With ongoing protests throughout the United States, Seward said people are choosing which laws to obey and which to ignore and are being encouraged by Democrat elected officials.

“Thankfully, here in Washington County we are not plagued by those problems,” he said. “I’m proud to say things work here the way they are supposed to.”

Seward said he and all the Republican candidates on the ballot want to keep it that way.

Jared Schneider is the Washington County sheriff. He has served in the position for four years. Schneider said he ran four years ago because he thought it was important for the office to continue moving forward and thought his experience would help.

Schneider said the new communication center was the biggest accomplishment of his term. He said the additional deputy added to Wellman, Kalona and Riverside was one of his accomplishments.

Reflecting on his last election, Schneider said he has successfully worked toward all of his priorities and looks forward to continue that work.

Dan Widmer is the county auditor. Widmer said it is a privilege to have served as the auditor for the last nine years.

Widmer said to be a successful county auditor, the person has to be a good listener and communicator. He said the person should be aware of changes and be able to adapt.

A recent change his office has made is updating voting equipment.