Washington City Council approves bid for 15th Avenue sidewalk project

City rejects over-budget bid for Wellness park structures, plan changes from 2 buildings to 1

A bid was approved for the 15th Avenue sidewalk project in Washington and came in significantly under budget.

The contract was awarded to DeLong Construction for $719,128.36. The engineer’s estimate on the project was more than $911,000, which leaves about $191,000 in the budget for other projects.

“Ultimately, that means the money that’s been budgeted in the area of street improvements is then able to be carried on to other street improvements, which is something I know we want,” said Washington Mayor Jaron Rosien.

City Administrator Brent Hinson further explained, saying the city is looking into ways to best use the remaining funds. One option is cleaning up roads that were damaged during the rough winter the area experienced. Another option he is exploring is burying the electrical wires under the sidewalk.

“I’m just working with Alliant and that number may come back and be something we don’t go anywhere near, but I just wanted to make council aware that I’m checking into that,” he said. “I think that is a fair request for the council to look into, and I’ll bring the numbers back at a later date unless the numbers are sky-high, in which case I will let you know.”

The bid was approved by a vote of 5-1 with council member Brendan DeLong abstaining due to a conflict. There is no word on when the construction will begin.

In other news, one bid was received for the construction of the Wellness Park concession and restroom structures. The $815,104 bid from Bushong Construction was more than double the $400,000 the council budgeted for the two buildings.

Hinson explained he has since met with Bushong Construction and they have come up with a new plan for construction. The plan moving forward is to only construct the concessions building at this time and potentially adding additional bathrooms to that structure in the future.

The motion to reject the bids was approved 6-0.

The next meeting of the Washington City Council will be Tuesday, May 7, at 6 p.m. in the library.