Washington City Council to look into creating bicycle boulevards on city roads

The Washington City Council decided to move forward with looking into creating bicycle boulevards on city roads.

Bicycle boulevards are streets that accommodate both bikes and cars. Pavement markings and signage would designate a specific lane to alert drivers and bikers to be cautious and share the lane.

The purpose of creating bicycle boulevards is to connect the city’s recreational activities through a similar bike path. Because streets are too narrow to create a dedicated bike lane, this would let bikers and motorists share the lane.

Council Member Danielle Pettit-Majewski said she was excited about the possibility of the project because she felt it would allow people a place to ride their bikes that was safe.

“Oftentimes I think people are maybe hesitant to ride, but if we make it more (cyclist) friendly, maybe more people will choose this mode of transportation,” she said. “This is a good move forward.”

City Administrator Brent Hinson explained a similar plan, with signage already in place, exists between Central Park and Sunset Park with a connection to the lower Sesquicentennial Park.

“Basically this would be just having bike signage like we already have on Main, and then we would be doing pavement markings,” he said. “What we’re trying to do with this plan is link a bunch of those recreational assets.”

The proposed share lanes would link North Park, the Wellness Park, YMCA, Sunset Park and Central Park. No on-street parking will be affected by the potential change.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the council agreed to move forward with looking into creating the possible bicycle boulevards.