Washington clinic now offers 'dry needling' for pain

Physical therapist Breena Luers performs dry needling on a patient. (Submitted)
Physical therapist Breena Luers performs dry needling on a patient. (Submitted)

Washington County Hospital and Clinics recently announced that dry needling is now offered as a treatment option for pain relief.

The clinic’s comprehensive rehabilitation department is the only dry needling treatment available in Washington County.

Dry needling is an intervention utilized by licensed physical therapists to treat musculoskeletal pain and restrictions. A form of instrument-assisted manual therapy, dry needling allows a physical therapist to access tissues which would not be easily manipulated with just hands.

The treatment consists of a “dry” needle – a needle without any medication or injection – inserted directly into a taut band of muscle. Thin, sterile filament needles are used to target trigger points and stimulate recovery response in the muscle. Trigger points are knots that develop in the muscle when there is injury or fatigue. The goal of dry needling is to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve function.

“Dry needling is an evidence-based treatment that has proven to be effective,” said Breena Luers, physical therapist at Washington County Hospital and Clinics. “At WCHC, we want to provide excellent care for our patients and this new offering is one more way we can help.”

This treatment option may be requested by a provider as a therapy or offered as part of a patient’s overall physical therapy care plan. When referred to physical therapy, each patient will undergo a thorough evaluation and a physical therapist will determine the appropriate interventions which may include dry needling.

A wide variety of conditions including headaches, back and neck pain, tendonitis, and many more are treated with dry Nnedling. Often this form of treatment can provide great relief and lasting improvement for patients suffering from pain.

Currently, dry needling costs $45 per session and is not covered by health insurance.

Individuals interested in learning more about dry needling as part of their comprehensive physical therapy care plan can contact WCHC Rehab Services at 319-863-3962.