Washington County Fair Spotlight

Noah Kleese and his lamb Curly (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)
Noah Kleese and his lamb Curly (Caitlin Yamada/ The Union)

High school senior Noah Kleese has been showing sheep since fourth grade.

In the mornings, Kleese feeds the sheep and walks them if it is hot that day. Three days a week he walks them, and the other two days, he works with them, walking them as if they are in the show ring.

The most challenging part is getting the sheep use to the halter, once they’ve adjusted, Kleese said they’re just like dogs.

In market class, they are trying to make the sheep’s body look as square as possible with big, muscular front and back ends.

Kleese said he has the most fun showing the lambs.

Tuesday morning Kleese will go to the fairgrounds with his sheep show-ready and then leave at the end of the shows.

“We’re not suppose to use the wash racks unless it’s an emergency,” Kleese said.

Kleese said not being at the fairgrounds is a little sad because half the fun is being there with friends.

For the most part, the show attendance is usually made up of parents with the occasional visit from friends, so this year won’t be too different, Kleese said.

The Washington County Fair will take place July 19-24. Attendance is closed to the public.