Washington Public Health explores new office space

WASHINGTON — The Washington County Department of Public Health could have a potential new office location in the former YMCA building.

At the Board of Health meeting Thursday, Director Danielle Pettit-Majkewski said she was approached by Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson about touring the space.

Pettit-Majewski said the goal would be for a contractor to purchase the building and have it built to suit for mixed use, such as businesses on the bottom and apartments on higher floors.

“It’s a really large space and way more space than we need,” she said of the 60,000-square-foot building.

The potential project is a few years out as no contractor has been established for a renovation.

Currently the department is housed in the Federation Bank building. In the past, it has explored the option of occupying a number of other spaces such as the Ainsworth Elmentary School, calender factory and the possibility of building a new structure in the Orchard Hill Complex, where the jail, sheriff’s office and multiple other county departments are located.

However, none of those options have come to fruition. In Oct. 2019, county supervisors were given the option to purchase the Federation Bank Building but passed due to funding being tied up in the emergency communications center project.