Washington woman finds friend in pet duck, Lucy Furr

GTNS photo by Gretchen Teske

Melissa Beaudett, of Washington, has an unusual pet in her duck, Lucy Furr.
GTNS photo by Gretchen Teske Melissa Beaudett, of Washington, has an unusual pet in her duck, Lucy Furr.

Some people are dog people and others are cat people, but Melissa Beaudett, of Washington, is an every-other-kind-of-animal person. She had the idea to get a pet duck for years and finally acted on it.

Having grown up in the country, Beaudett befriended a pet goose on a neighboring farm as a child. She said the goose would walk up to people to be petted and carried and the two created a special bond. The idea of getting a pet duck was then in her mind and years later, as an adult, she finally decided to get one.

“I just saw it at Orscheln’s, just thought it was cute, started walking around with it and fell in love,” she said.

Choosing the duck was the easy part. Getting the duck in the house without her roommate finding out was the tricky part. She brought it home and put it in her room while she and her cousin were watching TV in another room. Just over the noise of the TV they could hear the duck crying, which revealed her secret pet, who she mistakenly thought was a girl.

“We thought it was a girl at first so we named him Lucy Goosey, but we found out he’s a boy so now it’s Lucy Furr, because he doesn’t have any fur,” she said.

By day, Lucy Furr waddles around the yard and occasionally goes for a swim in his kiddie pool and by night, sleeps in a cage on Beaudett’s front porch. He eats duck feed and the occasional dandelion and enjoys his free-range lifestyle, she said.

Beaudett is no stranger to unique pets as she has previously had a hedgehog, bearded dragons, geckos, snakes and lizards. Because of all her experience with so many different animals, she doesn’t find it to be a lot of work.

“For me I don’t think it’s a huge responsibility because to me it’s just something normal,” she said. “When I was growing up, we didn’t live on the farm, but my dad would always go down and work and I’d go. I was always outside doing something.”

Hard work and unusual pets are something she’s always grown up with, making Lucy Furr just a normal pet for her.

“I’ve always been the kind of girl who’s had the weird, unusual pets,” she said. “I think dogs and cats are fine, but sometimes the most unusual pets are the best.”