WEMIGA records second highest recycling numbers of the year in August

WASHINGTON — Numbers at the Rural Solid Waste and Recylcing Center were up in August and down in September according to WEMIGA Waste owner Lynn Whaley.

At the Washington County Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, Whaley said residents recycled 30.28 tons in August, the second highest number for the year. Paper was up 1.04 tons and cardboard 7.89 tons.

Whaley said he was surprised to see the recycling numbers increased because the City of Washington no longer has a contract with WEMIGA. Residents in the city can only drop off bulk items and hazardous material at the center and will be charged an additional fee for handling and disposal, he said.

“The city residents will pay more than the county residents will pay,” he said. Washington County still is under a contract with WEMIGA Waste and anyone living in the county has the option of disposing of their garbage and or recyclables there.

Commercial businesses in the city are still eligible to use the center, but must enter into their own contracts with WEMIGA, he said. Previously, the city paid for the service but when it dissolved the contract, businesses no longer had the service for free, he said.

The August landfill numbers were down 10.14 tons from July, he said. Appliances were down by six tons, TVs and appliances were up six tons, tires were up 15 tons and oil was up six tons.

September numbers were down overall with the landfill down 5.71 tons and recycling overall was down 3.46 tons compared to August.