Books create eye-opening experience for high-schooler

Throughout my last four years of high school, I was assigned to read a few books that I would probably have not chosen to read on my own. Such books were “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the “Dust Bowl.” Between putting these two books away often at work, and reading them at school, they have become two of my favorite novels. I enjoy reading these books because they are educational and life changing. After reading the “Dust Bowl” I am much more grateful for the items I have now, such as having clean running water, a safe insulated home, and I don’t have to worry about when I am going to have to rummage enough money to buy a loaf of bread. Silly things like going to the park, or grabbing a bite to eat at my favorite restaurant were small things that weren’t possible during the “Dust Bowl.”

“To Kill a Mockingbird” taught me so much about racism, the style of life back in the 1960s, and how strong a family can be. I understood that racism was bad in the ‘60s, but before reading the novel I didn’t have a very strong grasp on just how horrible it was. Now that I am a few years older I appreciate the content so much more. After reading the novel, several times, I am more aware of current-day racism and racism from the past. Comparing the two is something I have been assigned to do in a few different classes, and I have learned it is an eye-opener. The style of life that I live now wasn’t possible for me in the ‘60s. I take that for granted all too often.

New materials at the library

Adult Fiction

Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews

The Road Home by Richard Paul Evans

Willing to Die by Lisa Jackson

Last Roses by Martha Hall Kelly

Far and Away by Fern Michaels

The 18th Abduction by James Patterson

Tight Rope by Amanda Quick

The Old Drift by Namwali Serpell

The Lost History of Dreams by Kris Waldherr

The Glove-maker by Ann Weisgarber

Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

On a Summer Tide by Suzanne Fisher Woods

Adult non-fiction

This Chair Rocks by Ashton Applewhite

Standing In Their Own Light by Judith L. Van Buskirk

Adult Biography

Better Git It In Your Soul by Krin Gabbard

Easy Children’s

Sheep Dog & Sheep Sheep by Eric Barclay

I Will Be Fierce! by Bea Birdsong

The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes

The Good Egg by Jory John

High-five by Adam Rubin

Willbee the Bumblebee by Craig Smith