Here's the thing: To those who taught us

It’s 70 degrees outside and you call that spring but I call that blanket weather. I’m always cold- it’s just part of my charm.

Recently I was talking with my Gram and she mentioned she was making a quilt. I requested one because I’m always chilled and she started telling me about a special one she has at home.

The top is green and the individual blocks are white with multi-colored flowers. The flowers are fashioned from old feed sack material that her mother saved.

Gram told me it was common for them to be made out of cotton and for farmer’s wives to go into town to purchase the food so they could pick out the material they wanted. It would then be turned into dresses, blouses and sometimes flowers for quilt blocks.

Being a city kid, I found this fascinating. Before moving to Iowa I had heard of 4H but I didn’t know what it was and I’d never heard of FFA. If it had to do with farming I had no idea how it worked.

I thought about that fabric story all week until I did a zoom call with my Core Four. Then it slipped my mind.

I’ve had the same three best friends since second grade and we call ourselves the Core Four. Cliche, but we like it.

While we were talking, we brought up our second grade teacher, Mrs. Lelm.

Since she brought us all together, the shenanigans we got up to really are all her fault. Every school day started with her ringing a bell on her desk and ended with a special clean up song.

We put away our “Where’s Waldo” books, put the bean bag chairs back where they belonged and made our way back to our desks. It was nothing special, just a routine, but it was practiced and natural. It felt like home.

Once we got into junior high on the other side of the building, we could always return to her room to help read with students or sit with them during chapel on Wednesdays. She always gave us smarties at the end.

The first week of May was teacher appreciation week and it had me reminiscing on the many teachers I’ve had in my life. From Mrs. Lelm in second grade to my mom in first grade and my dad in fourth grade, I’ve been very blessed to have so many.

So when I was talking to my Gram, also a teacher, I thought about all of that. How wonderful it is to have so many teachers in our lives that can all teach something new.

In a way, we are all like that fabric. Full of beans, in every sense, but when someone else sees something in us and gives us the opportunity, we can blossom into something new.