Investigation needed into siege


“I’ve received countless calls, texts, emails and letters from Iowans with real concerns about the integrity of our election system. I hear their voices, and I believe we should have a thorough review of this past election — which is why I support my good friend and colleague Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) bipartisan effort to establish a commission to do so.”

That is part of U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst’s response to concern of fraud in the past election.

Congress had 10 weeks before certifying the electoral vote on Jan. 6 to take a peek at accusations of fraud, yet did nothing.

President Trump called for a Save America rally on that same day and hundreds of thousands went to D.C. to support him.

A large crowd was expected yet calls for additional security were ignored.

Some Republicans had hatched a plan to object to certain state’s votes that were believed to have extensive voter fraud.

Trump was still speaking at the rally as Arizona’s vote was objected to when the Capitol was breached, Congress scrambled for safety, and the vote was stopped.

A lady was shot and killed; a cop was killed with a fire extinguisher, and pipe bombs were found at both Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee headquarters.

Not everyone that broke into the Capitol were Trump supporters. John Earle Sullivan from Salt Lake City an ANTIFA/BLM activist and Trump hater, was wearing a Trump cap and accompanied by reporter Jade Sacker.

He said underground chatter in advance, planned the Jan. 6 riot.

He claimed he was a photojournalist and made a lengthy video, he had no press credentials but has a criminal record.

He is a protest organizer that excited the crowd saying “There are so many people, let’s go,” and “burn the s—t down.”

He told Capitol Police to stand down so they wouldn’t get hurt, and they backed off, according to the FBI arrest warrant for John Earle Sullivan.

Note: the only violence at dozens of previous Trump rallies was started by radical left wingers.

When the Capitol was secure, Congress resumed the count, and many Republicans abandoned their plan to object to the vote, Biden was certified.

Nancy Pelosi blamed President Trump for “instigating an insurrection” and called for his impeachment, 10 Republicans joined her, without evidence, witnesses or investigation.

Hillary Clinton chirped in with Pelosi saying she wanted Trump’s phone records to see if he was talking with Putin that day.

Nobody could have more personal satisfaction from the result of infiltration of the Capitol than those two bona fide serial Trump haters.

An election review now is a waste, they can’t find fraud since Biden is in office, and they can’t pass legislation to secure the next vote after cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs testified this was the most secure election ever.

But they should investigate who orchestrated the siege of the Capitol and who benefited from it.

Leland Graber