Letter to the Editor

It's frightening how divided country is


The last four years sure have been making history.

We have a trade war with China that cost the United States $40 billion, 100-plus appointed federal government positions that people have quit or been fired from. We have white supremacists and militia marching in the streets and state capitol buildings, racial injustice marches all over the nation and 17 national disasters.

Still three more months to go. What’s next?

Help me understand why we have a GOP that enables a president to do as he pleases, whether legal or illegal?

These are troubled times, and it is frightening how divided this country is becoming. We are at a time in the United States that mirrors Germany in the 1930s.

This election will have lasting consequences to our country for years to come.

I approach this election not elephants and donkeys, left or right. My vote will be for a person that I trust with my life and the destiny of my family in the future. A God-fearing person that is concerned about other people and not just themselves.

Women and minorities should take note, with the wrong vote, the future will be a time of male white privilege. Women and minorities have lost their voice in the Supreme Court.

Jesus said: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Wouldn’t it be great to have a pandemic that everybody caught humanity?

Lyle Stacy