Letter to the Editor

Keep your distance and your mask on


As I glance through the newspaper each week, I’m sure I’m not the only one who understands why Iowa is one of the hot spots in the nation for COVID-19 cases.

I see photos of community events – an absentee voting line, the Halloween hike, the Military 10-Miler, new store openings, volunteers who are making donations to a school or donating their time for community cleanup, and volunteers cooking pancakes for football players – just to name a few – where there are people not wearing masks and not social distancing when gathering in groups.

All I can say is, “Way to go, Southeast, Iowa!” You’re all right there, spreading the virus to those you love, to people you don’t know who have people they love, and to essential workers who have people they love at home but have to be at work to serve you.

Just think how many people you’re making sick or even possibly killing by not wearing a mask or by gathering in groups.

Way to go!

I’m really sick and tired of those of you who are so selfish that you won’t do what you need to do to help stop the spread of this virus. I guess thoughtlessness is contagious, too.

I want to see my grandchildren but because of your selfishness, I haven’t seen them since last Christmas. We have no plans to get together this Christmas either because it’s just too dangerous for them to be around me and their great-grandparents.

Yes, I’m angry.

You’ll wear your seatbelt so you won’t get a ticket, and you’ll wear a shirt and shoes when you go into a restaurant so you’ll get served. Maybe, for the next two years (the length of time they think we may be dealing with this virus), they need to start issuing tickets to those of you who won’t wear a mask, social distance, or gather in groups.

I’d bet you’d mask up then.

Please, just put on a mask and keep your distance. It’s really not that hard. If you can’t figure it out, call your doctor.

This is not a political request. It’s a health request.

Chris Wells