Letter to the Editor

Trump committed worst evil done by U.S.


The Trump administration has committed one of the worst evils ever done by this country. On our southern border they ripped away hundreds and hundreds of children from their immigrant parents. They even separated babies from mothers who were still nursing these babies.

Supposedly now they are trying to find some of these parents. By now a few years have passed and younger children can’t remember their parents. Obviously nobody bothered to keep track of these separations, so many parents are not being found. What a terrible dark mark this is on our country. We have destroyed the lives of so many of these children who have been kept in cages.

It is a fallacy to think Trump believes in the right to life. He has so totally mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic we have now had as many as 8,000 cases reported in a single day. The number of deaths keeps rising, and there are more than 226,000. There are more than 55 million people in this country now living in poverty, and this number keeps rising also.

Norma Lindeen