Letter to the Editor

Veterans are not losers, suckers


I’ve been so angry lately, I could throw things. The reason — Trump has called veterans losers and suckers.

My husband, all three of my brothers and two brothers-in-law and a son-in-law were veterans. They are not losers and suckers. They are heroes because they served their country.

My husband had a cousin killed on an island in the Pacific fighting the Japanese in World War II. He had another cousin held as a prisoner of war during World War II. He never wanted to talk about it, so we never asked.

I had an uncle in World War II, as I recall, on a ship in the Pacific where they were always on guard for torpedoes and Japanese suicide planes that were diving at them, often crashing into the ships in hopes of killing the sailors and sinking the ship. I also had a cousin wounded fighting the Germans in World War II.

My sister-in-law lost a brother when his scouting plane was literally blown out of the sky off the coast of Vietnam. His body was never found. He was listed as an MIA for many years until finally declared dead.

These are all heroes — what Trump called losers and suckers.

Mt. Pleasant lost other local and area soldiers in Vietnam. And what about our local National Guard troops sent to fight in Iraq? Are they losers and suckers, too?

None of these veterans had money or a father to “buy” their way out of the draft as Trump had. According to a story in a New York newspaper, Trump never served in the military and avoided the draft in the 1960s, several times, by being deferred — using a diagnosis of bone spurs in his feet — the diagnosis came from a foot doctor as a favor to his landlord — Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr.

Donald Trump was an athlete in college, playing baseball, a sport that requires running.

Does he think those who returned from wars without feet, arms or minds forever scarred by war experiences were losers and suckers.

The Trump flags and yard posters serve as painful reminders of how he really feels about all veterans, including yours if you have one.

Is there a veteran in your life?

Well, Veterans Day is coming soon, so remember their sacrifice — and yours by all the worry you had for them when you go vote in this election if you haven’t already voted.

Ad if the president calling them losers and suckers doesn’t make you angry, too, then I don’t know what more to say.

Eileen McBeth

Mt. Pleasant