Letter to the Editor

Ethiopean government needs U.S. support


As a member of your constituency, I urge you to support the United States’ strategic and geopolitical interest in the horn of Africa by supporting the Ethiopian government’s effort to root out terrorism and maintain law and order in the Tigray region.

The Tigray People Liberation Front, a group registered in the Global Terrorism Database, has committed criminal actions against innocent civilians. Actions being taken by the government is solely against the liberation front and not the people of Tigray. I plead with you to:

• Support efforts of the Ethiopian government to quell terrorist attacks and bring peace and stability throughout Ethiopia.

• Label leaders of Tigray People Liberation Front as terrorists.

• Provide financial and logistical support to the Ethiopian government to combat terroristic acts.

• Work with congressional leaders to freeze the assets of TPLF leaders

Girma Tessema