All votes need to be counted


The 2020 Iowa 2nd U.S. Congressional District Election between Democrat Rita Hart and Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks is historic and unprecedented. A preliminary vote count, completed on Nov. 12, showed a mere 47-vote lead for Miller-Meeks, out of 400,000 votes cast.

After Rita Hart’s campaign requested a recount across the 24-county 2nd District, that 47-vote margin shrunk to just six votes, due to discovered errors across the district. Both campaigns have been made aware that there are at least 30 votes of deployed military, and another several thousand over or under-voted ballots that could not be read digitally, yet to be evaluated for intent, left uncounted.

Because of the brief time allotted by law to contest the recount, the most expedient, reasonable, and legal means to address the substantial number of uncounted votes, in this all but tied election result, is to have our U.S. House of Representatives conduct a professional and prompt investigation of those uncounted ballots.

The Iowans in the 2nd U.S. Congressional District, as well as all American voters, deserve to have every vote counted, to determine our rightfully elected Iowa 2nd District U. S Congresswoman.

Mary K. and James Krier