Letters to the Editor

A look back at the 1960 census

To the editor:

The 2020 census is creeping up on us. On Aug. 23, a census worker (a resident of Burlington) knocked on my door 9 miles southeast of Fairfield to make sure the name on the mailbox matched the occupants.

In all my 37 years of delving into The Ledger microfilms, I had printed off the 1960 county census report. It is very interesting, so I’m sharing it with our readers.

It would be nice if I knew how to access the 2010 records for comparison.

- Verda Baird, Fairfield

Following is the 1960 census report taken in Jefferson County.

The 1960 Census of Housing counted 5,506 housing units in Jefferson County, Iowa.

Of these:

3,227 were in sound condition with all plumbing.

3,486 were occupied by owners.

$8,400 was the median value of owner-occupied places.

1,472 were occupied by renters.

$64 was the median gross rent of rented places.

4,277 had hot and cold running water.

4,277 hot flush toilet.

4,225 bathtub or shower.

4,018 had basement.

86 were trailer homes.

443 households had air conditioning.

4,217 had TV, 4,705 radio and 4,393 telephone.

4,254 had washing machine, 1,010 clothes dryer.

1,445 had 1 or more home food freezers.

3,193 had one automobile.

1,164 had two automobiles.

76 had three or more automobiles.