Letters to the Editor

A mask is better than a ventilator

To the editor:

A couple weeks ago, I started a letter to the editor about the noisy fireworks and how the Iowa Legislature had given permission to create the noise from June 1 to July 8 — an insane idea! I can understand celebrating July 4th, but over a month, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.? Again — insane. And our city council agreed. More insanity, fellas, You have the right to set dates and times. Use it.

The noise has subsided, but the fear goes on — not of firecracker noise, but the fear of possible death. I’m talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not being over-dramatic. I’m being serious.

When I go into stores — grocery or otherwise — I see many people defying the scientists by *not* wearing masks, a proven protection against this killer virus. When I wear my mask, I am not doing it to protect you from me — no — I am doing it to protect me from you! I don’t know where you may have been and to whom you may have been exposed, and, therefore, though I may like you as a person, I am afraid of you.

You become a possible threat to me. How do I know if you might have been exposed to that virus, the same virus that has already killed thousands of Americans and people around the globe? I have enough medical problems without the risk of this virus at my age — almost 87. Is it too much to ask that you protect not only yourself, but also everyone you may now be exposing?

Think of the power you have by wearing a mask over your nose and mouth — the power to literally save someone’s life, maybe your own. By being careless, you are being thoughtless, as if you don’t care whom you may hurt, Yes, masks can be uncomfortable, but not as much as having a vent tube down your throat. Think about that.

So wear a mask when you are around others. It may save a life — maybe yours or someone you love!

- Eileen McBeth, Mt. Pleasant