Letters to the Editor

Coronavirus and Climate Change - An Opposing View

To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor spoke of the magnificent response to the current threat of the coronavirus and the perceived lack of a response to the “far more dangerous threat of climate change.”

The real danger is over reacting to any potential threat. Right now there are millions of scared people who are willing to destroy our economy and, therefore, our nation, with no idea as to the level of human suffering and that would result should that take place.

In the same way, but with even greater fervor, there are those that are more than willing to destroy civilization in order to “save the world.”

I can say, after 50 years studying this and related issues, including a Master’s Degree in Societal Futures, that the chance of human-caused catastrophic global warming is almost nonexistent. Scientific studies have proven that “climate change” is not causing more and more dangerous forest fires (actually caused by progressive policies); is not causing an increase in either the frequency or power of tornadoes or hurricanes (as stated by the IPCC in their most recent report); and that the modest rise in ocean levels is a natural result of the warming of the oceans as we are coming out of the “Little Ice Age.”

In addition, NASA is reporting a significant greening of the planet due to the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and some scientists are stating that the world would be healthier if the atmosphere had three times the current CO2 content.

While, the question of whether or not our current policies regarding the coronavirus will destroy our economy and millions of lives, has not yet been answered, there is no doubt that the policies designed to stop non-existent human-caused, catastrophic global warming will destroy the world’s economy and result in massive human suffering and the deaths of tens of millions of people.

In this instance, “the cure is (definitely much) worse than the disease.”

- Brad Fregger, Fairfield