Letters to the Editor

Jefferson County Trails Council receives bequest

The Jefferson County Trails Council would like to inform readers and users of the Jefferson County Trails System of a generous gift we recently received. The Thomas J. Brown Revocable Trust bequeathed $25,000 to the Jefferson County Trails Council.

The Jefferson County Trails Council is thankful for these funds, which will be used judiciously over the coming years to maintain and improve the trail experience in Fairfield and the surrounding area. Donations are the backbone of trail maintenance and development efforts, showcasing the importance Fairfield residents place on their trail system.

The Jefferson County Trails Council was formed to assist with construction and maintenance of a network of trails for public use and enjoyment throughout Jefferson County and to promote, inform, and educate the general public about the trail system.

I believe I can speak on behalf of the thousands of trail users in Fairfield by extending a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the Thomas J. Brown Revocable Trust.