Letters to the Editor

Let's rebuild our economy with clean energy

To the editor:

As co-chair of the 2009 Go Green Plan with Mayor Connie Boyer, it has been evident to me that if we want to help solve the climate crisis and rebuild our economy, a massive green infrastructure plan is needed. The Green Economy is already a reality. Consider this quote from the science web site, phys.org.

“The green economy, broadly defined as an economy that is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive, is a major source of jobs in the US, employing an estimated 9.5 million people.”

We don’t have to look farther than the highly successful solar energy companies right here in Fairfield which are responsible for a good percentage of all solar installations in Iowa. Those companies also employ dozens of people.

Our nation is at a turning point, coronavirus deaths continue to rise and millions are unemployed, with communities of color facing the brunt of these crises.

While the debate about how to recover and repair our coronavirus-battered economy heats up, we have a chance to rebuild a better America by prioritizing and investing in American clean energy to create more jobs and less pollution.

Before the coronavirus took down the economy, clean energy was one of the nation’s strongest sectors, growing 70 percent faster than the economy as a whole. That is why we should start our recovery with renewed investments in clean energy jobs.

Elected leaders from across our country are coalescing around a new report that was recently released by the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. This report emphasizes many points of bipartisan agreement, such as implementing incentives that will spur innovative investments, stirring up demand for new business and manufacturing, and rewarding the job-creators who successfully lead us towards a 100% clean future.

We have an opportunity to rebuild better by creating a new generation of good-paying jobs, while also addressing the ongoing climate crisis that is threatening our health and way of life.

It is time for our elected leaders to turn this report into legislative action and provide our country with the opportunity to emerge from this challenge stronger, healthier, and safer.

Rebuilding better starts with strong leadership and proven policies. We want policymakers to commit to fighting for a safer and healthier country with an economy where all people can prosper.

- Bob Ferguson, Fairfield