Letters to the Editor

Longtime moviegoers miss Miyoshi at theater

To the Southeast Iowa Union,

I read with interest your reporting of our Mt. Pleasant theater changing ownership. We are at least monthly theater goers and were impressed with the Lowes ownership of it, and have looked forward to being greeted by Kelly Miyoshi when we went. He was a fixture there. Maybe the Eisentraut folks didn’t understand the influence Kelly had in the theater’s running/success, but we’d hope they’d have gotten an idea by now ... that there are people here that appreciated the operation of a theater that is clean, showed current movies, has friendly helpful staff, etc. We don’t care what they call it — Temple or Main Street, or just “The Theater,” but we do think it’s shortsighted and just plain mean to fire Kelly for whatever reason. Maybe the Eisentraut folks could lure him back and make all of us happy.

Just a thought,

Joann Sankey, Mt. Pleasant