Letters to the Editor

More examples of going off rails


Reference the article “Bible offers examples of going off the rails” by Steve Litchfield, issue Sept. 4, 2020.

In addition to Judges there is more: Job 20, Proverbs 1:24-32, Isaiah 1:10-15, Micah 3:4, Matthew 8:29 and Mark 5:7.

These in effect state to the Lord, “What have we to do with you?” The world has turned from God, and these 50 states of America have out shadowed the others.

The church members of this nation have, en masse, turned from worship to community meetings condoning the evil of laws and ordinances.

Members joinng dictatorial party groups in the process of destroying the nation, Constitution and Christianity. Elected officials issuing sinful orders.

While printed limits have been passed, it is plain that God left a way for individuals and nations to seek forgiveness and return to His word.

Proverbs 1:33 is the basic instruction and promise. “Let us pass over unto the other side,” the word of Christ in Mark 4:35. This plus on through Mark 4 and Mark 5 is one of the methods Christ gave for return to God’s plans.

There are many other references for “getting back on the rails.”

Officials have some control over smog and local air while God is in control of storms, tornadoes and hurricanes as Mark 4:39 states.

Enacting laws and ordinances is evil in God’s word and sight may be repealed to Christian status in asking forgiveness and return to the word.

Laddie D. Oliver