Letters to the Editor

Need to address national debt

There are two great issues in our time. The environment and the deficit. The environment is getting a lot of publicity - the deficit almost none.

Here are the facts. The deficit is increasing at a rate of one trillion dollars a year. It has reached a total of over 22 trillion dollars this year. Our President and Congress have agreed to spend $4.7 trillion for the coming fiscal year, $700 billion more than in 2017. The interest payment on all this debt is at 400 billion a year. When interest rates go up, as they inevitably will, the interest payment will reach $700 billion, almost as much as we pay for defense.

And Democratic candidates talk about Medicare for All, eliminating student debt, providing a guaranteed income for all. How can we afford all this with the current national deficit we face?

President Trump promised to balance the budget when he was elected in 2016. Since then, I have not heard even one politician talk about reducing our deficit spending. There are two great issues of our time: the environment and the national deficit. The quality of life for future generations of Americans will depend on what we do to address these vitally important issues in our time. Lets begin to hold our leaders responsible before it is too late.

- Jim Turner, Fairfield