Letters to the Editor

Not in our house

To the editor:

We have some unusual things going on in this country. Since day one, our motto has been “In God We Trust.” To accompany that, we have a thing called free speech – guaranteed by the constitution.

Certain groups have exploited this “free speech” principle to extremes. These groups get a few people to lead the charge to promote their extreme ideas and trample all over the 99.999% of the people who follow the constitution in a sane and logical number.

For instance, Oklahoma has had a fight about posting the 10 Commandments. Thankfully, they have stood fast. Now some sort of a devil-worship group – a minutely small percent of people – believe they have the right to put up a devil statue of some sort.

Some citizens are afraid to put up a crib at Christmas because this offends a few radicals from some religion that has a so-called god. This is not our God. Remember, we have this one vote, one-person system. The majority rules.

Some extreme religions want to be able to post their information wherever they want. In their country no religion other than theirs can build a church. Tell them to post whatever they want at home, but not in our house.

We need to stand on our own collective two feet and say no more. The extremely minute groups of people will not be able to lean on our constitution and dictate to the vast majority and tell us what we can or cannot do. Simple. Tell them to get lost (or other words to that effect).

Do whatever you want in your house. Not in ours.

Tom Thomas, West Chester