Letters to the Editor

Thanks for speaking up for President Trump

To the editor:

Thank you, Karen Crossland, for speaking up for President Donald Trump for the good things he is trying to accomplish to improve the broken world we live in today. Thank you for being bold enough to back up a president who is trying to bring about changes to help save America, the country that was founded on the motto, “In God We Trust.”

He is not, I repeat, is not a politician who has an agenda of their own leading to the destruction of our government and our country as it once was. Shame on those politicians who are guilty of such actions.

Our nation was founded on the strong principles of honesty, integrity, high values on human life and faith and trust in God.

Again, I applaud Karen Crossland for reminding me that as a “Christian” I must “stand up for what is right and honorable, and be counted.”

May God bless America.

Judith Hall, Fairfield