Letters to the Editor

We are all in this together

Just some insight from a self imposed stay at home participant. This will make more sense to those of us the same age. Hey, our generation has been through some stuff. Heartache and loss came crashing through our newly aquired TVs. Someone shot our president. And it was televised.

We had drills at school hiding under our desks. That was due to Cuba pointing long range missles at us. A place up until then I had never heard from. We saw a war on that TV. Boys dying in that war. On that TV. We also saw human beings having water hoses turned on them because of the color of their skin.

Our generation carries a scar on our upper arms to mark a spot that stemed the tide of a killer illness. One that mostly affected and killed children. Most of us where raised by parents who lived through the Great Depression. If we were lucky they passed along the sacrIfice, compassion, strength and don’t-quit qualities that will see us through this current crisis.

If you have a Bible, read it. If you pray, do it. If you have family call them. If you can stay home do so. If you are one of the essential personnel in our hospitals and other folks like our truck drivers and so many others. Be safe. Stay well.

We are rooting for you, praying for you. For the rest, this, too shall pass. It will not rain forever. Soon we will be able to see each other, smile at each other, hug each other, celebrate. In the meantime, you are not in this alone. We are all in this together. Peace.

Mary E. Reed Lacoursiere Johnson, Olds