Parson to Person

No rewind button on life; it can't be lived in reverse

A 3-year-old was playing with a Fisher-Price tape recorder. He could talk into it, push the play button, and hear his voice. It only had a play button. After 30 minutes of continual play, he stopped and looking at his mom, he said, “Mom, you know what the trouble with life is?” She said, “No, I don’t. What is the trouble with life?”

The 3-year-old, thoroughly reflecting on Fisher-Price technology and human existence made a profound observation. “The trouble with life,” he said, “is that it doesn’t’ have a rewind button.”

Life cannot be lived in reverse. It doesn’t have a rewind button.

Jesus said, “What does it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? Or what can a person give in exchange for their soul?”

You can’t rewind.

No matter our age, we can easily be sidetracked into losing our soul while pursuing everything else.

We lose our soul by ignoring God and chasing after success or pleasure. We lose our soul when we treat God as a side thing, an afterthought, or a low priority.

You can’t reverse your life. You can’t rewind.

When will Jesus Christ be your first priority? When will you receive Him as Lord of your life?

I was called to talk with an 18-year-old who was dying of cancer. He was popular, a sports star, an “A” student. When I walked into his room, he immediately said. “Pastor Monte, I don’t know God. I thought I would have a lot of time later on, but now I know later on isn’t coming. Why did I keep putting God off? What do I do?”

He couldn’t rewind. He could only go forward. Life doesn’t have a reverse — it’s called regret. You can’t rewind.

What if you decided today? Decided to put Christ first? Believed in Him now? He clears out your past, He makes you new, He gives you life to the full.

Don’t wait for a crisis or wait for life to slow down. Commit to what is eternal.

Commit to Christ first. Let Him sit in the driver’s seat. The ride will be so much more thrilling and rewarding. Don’t live with regret. Live with reward. Don’t lose your soul.